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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Just installed tune from DNK TuneWorks and returned from my first ride. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! ALL the low rpm snatchyness is gone (Booster Plug removed only about 75% of it and that’s why I sold my booster plug). 2019 Speedmaster pulls harder everywhere. SO much fun! Thank you Danielle for great work at a reasonable price and a 24h turn around time… very happy customer.

Rob Ducharme

Great tune, pulls hard = more fun and a lot cheaper than $750 Australian on a dyno. I know it won’t be perfect with out a dyno as all engines are different but it’s so much better than standard by a long way. Thanks

Stew Naylor

All I can say is “What a difference”… very happy with the new found performance. I am amazed (like you said) at what a proper tune can do. And all of this without any internal mods is astounding also.

Tim Ahtye

Fabulous service and a game changing Tune. Danielle wrote a tune for my T120 with a H-pipe exhaust and performance camshaft and then rewrote a new one to fine tune the bikes idle and it’s brilliant! Awesome customer service. Worth every penny.

James Snell

I have a Bobber Black and had already installed a Free Spirits X-Pipe and Vance & Hines Mufflers, the bike sounded great, but I was looking for a little more power. From reading and doing research I found out that the Bobber’s engine comes highly restricted from factory to 77 HP, the new Speed twin that has the same engine comes with 97 HP, so I figured there was a lot of room for improvement. After installing the new MAP the bike is a different bike! It pulls so much harder that before, plus the jerkiness at low speeds is completely gone. I would say that the $200 I spent on the MAP are the best $200 I’ve spent on the bike. I Highly recommend Danielle and DNK TuneWorks, she was great to deal with!

Rene Lacape

The tune and app was easy to install and use. My 2019 Triumph bobber black’s performance in first and second gear was amazing. I do wish to more material was available on the tuneECU app. menu as to specially what the menu items can do and how minor modifications can be without using the forum. Overall I am very pleased with my results!! I have recommended this Product to all my fellow Triumph friends.

Mark Dye

The custom tune provided by DNK Tuneworks for my Triumph Thruxton R was a great investment, as it raised the useable performance of the bike to a new level. I fitted Arrows headers and Sprint pod filters to the 1200 cc twin, looking for more power through the rev range while maintaining the sweet smooth power delivery of the stock engine. The DNK tune provided this but also removed the throttle restriction of the stock map and extended the rev range to close to 8000 rpm. The bike runs cleanly throughout the rev range at all throttle settings and sounds brilliant on the over-run. I highly recommend DNK Tuneworks for Triumph motorcycle ECU remapping.
Brian McCowen

I’m an ex-racer who just bought a Speed Twin, and was looking to remove the throttle snatch, improve the mid-range control and improve the linearity respective of throttle position. I installed a British Customs Predator + De-Cat. I installed everything and had a go with the OEM stock map. What garbage that was. Lots of decel popping, and general lean symptoms. *Enter DNK Tuning* Danielle sent me the map just a day after the order. Everything loaded smoothly via TuneECU. Make sure you following adaption process of 15 minute idle, no touching the throttle. Holy moly…what a difference. Much smoother delivery especially mid-corner. I was immediately able to confidently roll-on even in heavy trail braking situations. The mid-corner linearity is much improved with no dead spots. Additionally, rev-matching under braking is also easier due to better throttle response. These two things are very important. With the stock suspension, it is quickly overwhelmed if you throw too much of that jerkiness/energy into the suspension. The Speed Twin badly needs better suspension at very fast pace… but this map allows you be much smoother than the stock mapping. The Speed Twin still needs proper valving, but this map affords you worlds more control over “pitch” of the bike. Now, I still wanted something smoother, so Danielle gave me back the stock throttle curves but left all her wizardry for fueling. This is going to buy me some time on the stock suspension while I wait for my Nitrons to be built. Then, I’m going back to her original map, or will just leave in Sport mode. Also, avoid the forum BS. There are people who have claimed their ECU will “adjust” for the de-cat. I call BS on that. If you’re awake and breathing, the difference is stark. Just get the tune. Her map, and her customer service have transformed my Speed Twin. I will use Danielle for any other Triumph mapping needs.

Avinash Rawana