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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a tune?

The tunes provided by DNK TuneWorks result from hours of testing and development in conjunction with customers and Triumph and Ducati enthusiasts and technicians to ensure the best and safest tune for modern Triumph and Ducati air- and water-cooled engines from 2000 onward.

    • Removal of top-speed limiter on all models
    • Increased redline specific to each model
    • Optimization of AFR on full throttle
    • Optimization of timing under full throttle
    • Significantly reduced deceleration popping entirely in all modes
    • Optimization of fueling based on Power Commander Maps and Dyno Testing
    • Recurved throttle mapping and rider modes for a more engaging experience
    • Optimized AFR in cruise and low throttle for rideability (no more stalling or snatch ever again)
    • Enable/Disable Secondary Air Injection 
    • Enable/Disable O2 Sensors
    • No more cold start/stalling issues
    • Remove power/throttle limiters on certain models
    • Speedometer correction on certain models
    • Enable Cruise Control on models with optional Cruise Control

We also have a Tuning Guide (created in conjunction with British Customs) to answer additional questions and provide details as to the process, reasons why you should get a custom tune, and other information useful to potential customers.

What do I need to get started?

Given recent changes with the TuneECU installation and configuration, we recommend selecting the “mail-in” option for their ECUs for novice or beginner customers and users. It will save you time, frustration, and money to allow our professional staff to provide this service and test that the tunes have loaded properly and are working correctly.

For advanced users who wish to perform a self-install of their tune, we recommend you purchase an OBDLink Bluetooth MX+ device and TuneECU software via the developer’s website at TuneECU.FR using an Android device. With these tools, you can then upload a custom ECU file calibration developed by DNK TuneWorks to your motorcycle. 

For motorcycles which require the use of a cabled connection (pre-2016) please find an appropriate TuneECU-compatible adapter here from Lonetec.

How soon will I receive my tune?

Our tuning team aim to turn around the development and delivery of your custom tune within three (3) business days of the initial order. This excludes weekends and US holidays. This is not a guarantee, but is aspirational based on our workload and number of orders.

Will updates also be free?

If there is a major change to the tune, mapping, or associated data with your tune that requires immediate attention, an updated file will be sent to you. For fourteen (14) days after the initial sale and delivery, any additional changes, modifications, or updates to refine the tune will be available to the primary customer.

We will not make exceptions due to “life got in the way” or delays in providing feedback or data from customers to refine the tune outside this fourteen (14) day window.

Are there discounts or promotions available?

From time to time there may be promotions and discounts available, follow our website, Facebook page and Instagram accounts.

I need a specialty tune. Can you create one?

Every one of our tunes we create is customized for the customer’s motorcycle and modifications. We continuously test various modification combinations and it is vitally important that your full modification list be known and shared to us, so that your tune can be tailored for you and your motorcycle.

Is there any documentation and support for the tunes?

There is support available from DNK TuneWorks for a period of fourteen (14) days after the initial purchase and a thirty (30) day order documentation before archival, any support and documentation past this period is up to the sole discretion of DNK TuneWorks.

What is the refund policy?

We do not accept refunds after delivery of the product to the customer. It is up to our discretion based on the circumstances of the request if a refund or other remuneration will be issued.

Do you charge sales tax?

We currently only charge sales to orders being shipped to Maryland. Tunes shipped to states other than Maryland is not charged sales tax.

What we include in the price of a tune?

For digitally delivered tunes, which are to be installed by advanced users only who have access to the equipment mentioned above, the price includes just the base custom tune developed by DNK TuneWorks and a non-refundable order processing and support fee. 

For ECU mail-in tunes, which will are configured and installed by DNK TuneWorks staff, the price includes the base custom tune developed by DNK TuneWorks, a non-refundable order processing and support fee, shop time to perform the work (1 hour labor rate @$165 per hour) on the ECU, and the cost for mailing the ECU back to the customer via insured USPS Domestic Priority Mail for those in the USA and USPS International Priority Mail for customer’s outside the USA. The rates are based on the Flat-Rate USPS Priority Mail “small box” rates to your destination location. Customers must secure their own mailing material and mailing method for shipping the ECU to DNK TuneWorks.

What will a tune do, and won’t do?

Tunes will not “fix” or “repair” a motorcycle that comes to us that runs poorly due to improper care, skipped or poor maintenance, mechanical failure and/or the selection of poor-quality after-market parts. If you choose to have DNK TuneWorks develop a custom tune for your motorcycle, please ensure your bike is in proper mechanical working order before purchasing.

A tune from DNK TuneWorks will address some performance limitations that are inherent in stock tuning from the factory, and these are built to optimize fueling, power, and the combination or addition of mid-market or higher quality aftermarket performance parts for your motorcycle. Such improvements include headers, exhaust, air filters, changes wheel sizes, tire types and gear ratios.

A tune will not affect (add or takeaway) riding modes. This includes NOT affecting anything displayed or your gauge cluster (basic LCD or TFT). These are performance mods and aren’t changing any base-level capabilities built into these motorcycles.

What does the removal of the speed limiter via the tune do?

The speed limiter exists for both safety regulations and developed as a conservative ceiling to the top end performance of the engine as tuned from the factory. The custom tuning from DNK TuneWorks changes the performance, usually gaining some horsepower, changes how the bike accelerates, and unlocks the speed limiter which will allow those who acquire a tune from us to fully utilize these benefits, which the tune provides.

What’s the difference between the options for the tunes offered on the website?

We recommend only those who are sufficiently technically adept and are comfortable both with accessing their OBD-II port on their motorcycle and using Android-compatible phones and tablets in order to load their digital tunes by themselves for a DIY/self-install method. 

For those local to our shop in the Washington, DC Metro Area, we offer a drive-in tuning experience, which will require a few hours to customize our tunes exactly to your specific bike and any modifications (this currently unavailable while we build a new shop, however, if you are within a hundred (100) mile radius of our shop, and the weather is pleasant, we will offer a “house call” tuning experience, email for this option). For an on-site/house-call option, our technician if they remain on site for the session and perform road tests and receive feedback from the customer on those tests and will make adjustments before delivery of the final tune. 

Finally, for novice and/or those wanting a frills-free “white glove” option and handling, customers can remove their ECU and mail it to DNK TuneWorks where we will load a bench tune onto the ECU and mail it back next day after receiving it via a method requested by the customer (domestic and international).

What support do you provide?

We do not provide support for your selected OBD-II dongle or attachment, we also do not provide debugging and license support issues regarding TuneECU, of which the former is handled by the device manufacturer you chose and the latter is addressed by contacting the TuneECU developers here and here regarding functionality questions, bugs and other software issues.

We will provide rudimentary support for self-install customers, namely anything that is directly related with the tune file sent to you, but all instructions required for a successful upload of the tune file to the ECU unit using approved hardware and software that has been sent along with the file and order for the customer to complete on their own.

Do you reserve the right to refuse to tune a customer’s motorcycle?

Yes. We have a policy, because of the desire to support our partners, vendors and maintain high quality control to refuse tuning motorcycles that do not appear in proper mechanical order prior to requesting a tune, or arrive as an order but are tied to a customer that has abused goodwill, or behaved poorly towards our partner organizations. This is to protect us, our partners, but also you, in order to ensure that your tune provides the best performance for your properly maintained motorcycle.

Can I do this if I only have an iOS (Apple) device?

No. The software runs only on Android devices. You can acquire a basic Android device with Bluetooth that can run TuneECU for under $50 in a lot of cases, sometimes cheaper. Please factor this into your planning if you choose to apply the digital file version of the tune. If you can not or choose not to use Android, you have the option of sending us your ECU to flash with a DNK TuneWorks tune and verify that it was applied.

Do these tunes violate laws or void warranties?

Some items used and/or installed by DNK TuneWorks may void portions of your vehicle’s factory warranty. Some items may not be legal for “on highway use”. DNK TuneWorks makes no guarantees to the legality of any parts used for “on highway vehicles” and accepts no responsibility for compliance with the vehicle’s factory warranty. Resale, trading, or distribution of a tune not paired with the original vehicle is not warrantied or supported by DNK TuneWorks.

Within the European Union, there is an environmental regulation, Euro5, which requires all engines and exhaust systems to conform to certain emission standards. Motorcycles sold within the EU, as well as internationally, are homologated to such standards to ensure compliance. Some countries allow modifications to the ECU software for racing and track performance use and not for on-road use. 

In the United States, motorcycles and other vehicles are subject similarly to California Air Resources Board (aka ‘CA Emission Standards’) for emission standards, and are required to maintain certain parts and controls to remain in operating compliance. For customers who live and operate such vehicles in states with these controls, it is illegal for a customer to install or modify their vehicle in violation of these regulations. 

Common Issues

Not a noticeable improvement after loading a tune

Please ensure you have not accidentally re-loaded the stock tune back on to your ECU. This happens more often than you think. Make sure you open the tune and verify it within TuneECU before sending it via the OBD-II port and dongle. You need to allow the bike to adapt the new tune. Make sure you are actually going full throttle. Make sure your tires can provide adequate traction. We actually have run into an issue where a customer’s TKC80’s were not providing adequate traction, and whenever they went full throttle, the bike would lose traction and engage the traction control.

TFT Dashboard not reflecting the increased redline

We are programming your ECU, and not your dashboard, so the digital display will still show your original redline. This also includes any other dashboard related controls, displays and settings which are not affected by ECU programming.

Low Fuel Light After flashing the ECU

On most Triumph models, the gas gauge will reset after an ECU reprogramming. The bike only polls the bike for how much gasoline is in the tank when above 35mph/60kph and to third gear or beyond. As soon as you ride your motorcycle for a time, and reach above the 35mph/60kph limit, the gauge will reset itself and show the correct amount of fuel in the tank.

Gear Selector / Engine Light / Quick Shifter 

This is an uncommon, but not unseen, when sending in your ECU. The motorcycle may lose track of what gear it is currently in when the ECU becomes disconnected. This occurs randomly with no direct pattern to what combination of motorcycle, parts or other settings that creates this condition. When this occurs, it may require you to visit a Triumph dealer to use their tool (which takes mere minutes) to clear this dash error or simply clear codes with a scan tool and, if supported, via TuneECU. If related to the quick shifter, you’ll simply need to disable then reenable the quick shifter in the TFT display. This is a non-destructive error, bound to the motorcycle’s software, and does not void your warranty if this occurs after sending in your ECU for programming.

In cases where resetting the quick shifter via the TFT display, this is an order of operations issue, where: 1) reset/recycle the gear selector (via TuneECU or Triumph Dealer Tool), 2) reset quick shifter (via TFT Display), and 3) reset any other service or engine indicator lights (also via TuneECU or Triumph Dealer Tool). This occurs most often in Triumph Triples, and again, is non-destructive error for cases where the ECU was removed by the customer and mailed in, versus DIY/self-install methods of ECU programming.

Cruise Control Not Working

Occasionally, when flashing an ECU, the cruise control learn procedure may need to be completed. You can find the steps in order to perform this via a Google search. It’s a simple process to do.