Frederick, MD 21703

2011 BMW R1200 RT-P

Bespoke Triumph Motorcycle Tuning

Respect My Auth-or-itay

Our second authority/police bike from BMW, as a pairing to our 2008 Ducati SportClassic 1000 for a “Tron: Legacy” recreation, BMW RT-based bikes, are a grand cruiser, and it doesn’t hurt that in traffic, having the profile of a police one doesn’t come with benefits for getting folks to move out of your way. This was acquired from the third owner in Wenatchee, WA, who was a fireman, but bought it from the municipal auction winner (still have the auction slip) who was a relative of the police chief of the town, and got the bike at a 12:01am single item sale. When I got the bike, it had, for a police bike, sub 22k miles on it, but was auctioned with less than 8k on the odometer. Minus the siren and radio, it had pretty much all functioning gear.