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Triumph Speed Twin/Speed Twin 1200

Triumph Speed Twin/Speed Twin 1200

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Engine tuning file for Triumph Speed Twin/Speed Twin 1200.

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Brand: Triumph


    Engine tuning file for Triumph Speed Twin/Speed Twin 1200

    NOTE: If sending in ECU to DNK TuneWorks from outside the US, contact us for shipping logistics.

    DNK TuneWorks tunes are the result of hours of testing and development in conjunction with customers and Triumph enthusiasts and technicians to ensure the best and safest tune for modern air- and water-cooled engines from 2000 onward.

    Our tunes include:

    • Removal of top-speed limiter on all models
    • Increased redline specific to each model
    • Optimization of AFR on full throttle
    • Optimization of timing under full throttle
    • Greatly reduced deceleration popping entirely in all modes
    • Optimization of fueling based on Power Commander Maps and Dyno Testing
    • Recurved throttle mapping and rider modes for a more engaging experience
    • Optimized AFR in cruise and low throttle for driveability (no more stalling or snatch ever again)
    • Enable/Disable Secondary Air Injection
    • Enable/Disable O2 Sensors
    • No more cold start/stalling issues
    • Remove power/throttle limiters on certain models
    • Speedometer correction on certain models
    • Enable Cruise Control on models with optional Cruise Control

    Additional information

    Engine Cooling

    Water Cooled

    Engine Cylinders


    Engine Displacement


    Engine Type

    High Power



    Product Line


    Cruise Control Capable


    10 reviews for Triumph Speed Twin/Speed Twin 1200

    1. Alessandro Cervizzi (verified owner)

      Great very happy the bike feel so much better . Thanks tune works

    2. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Bike is smoother and pulls like a train, noticeable improvement

    3. andrew.lynch777 (verified owner)

      Transforms the bike. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again. So much more pull then stock.

    4. Christopher L. (verified owner)

      Fantastic to work with! This was my first “tune” – I heartily recommend DNK and I’m grateful for the time and energy put into customer service!

    5. Antonio Flavio R Guedes (verified owner)

      I am very satisfied with the service and support provided. It made my bike much more pleasant to ride!

    6. Travis L. (verified owner)

      Great product and fast service

    7. Calvin Tran (verified owner)

      Outstanding tune. Better fuel economy, less snatchy throttle (especially with throttle spacers), and smooth power throughout the rev range. Bike can idle in all gears now without stalling! A little more heat from the radiator though.

    8. Kim T. (verified owner)

      The tune has unleashed the beast in my Speed Twin 1200. So quick and responsive and you better be tucked in when you shift gears and get on it. Phew!! Love it. My husband is so impressed he is going to get a tune from you for his Speed Triple.

    9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    10. Guillermo Braile (verified owner)

      Excellent product. But also excellent service. They are responsive and friendly and worked to own my experience! Varsity all the way.

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