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Triumph Trident 660

Triumph Trident 660

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Engine tuning file for Triumph Trident 660.

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Brand: Triumph


    Engine tuning file for Triumph Trident 660.

    NOTE: If sending in ECU to DNK TuneWorks from outside the US, contact us for shipping logistics.

    DNK TuneWorks tunes are the result of hours of testing and development in conjunction with customers and Triumph enthusiasts and technicians to ensure the best and safest tune for modern air- and water-cooled engines from 2000 onward.

    Our tunes include:

    • Removal of top-speed limiter on all models
    • Increased redline specific to each model
    • Optimization of AFR on full throttle
    • Optimization of timing under full throttle
    • Greatly reduced deceleration popping entirely in all modes
    • Optimization of fueling based on Power Commander Maps and Dyno Testing
    • Recurved throttle mapping and rider modes for a more engaging experience
    • Optimized AFR in cruise and low throttle for driveability (no more stalling or snatch ever again)
    • Enable/Disable Secondary Air Injection
    • Enable/Disable O2 Sensors
    • No more cold start/stalling issues
    • Remove power/throttle limiters on certain models
    • Speedometer correction on certain models
    • Enable Cruise Control on models with optional Cruise Control

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    14 reviews for Triumph Trident 660

    1. Stephen P. (verified owner)

      Exceeded every expectation and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. They were very responsive throughout the process and happy to tailor the tune to suit my preference. Im calling it right now…. DNK will sell A TON of tunes to Trident owners. If you’re reading this chances are the Tridents power and power delivery isn’t doing it for you. You know the bike was neutered from the factory for the sake of ‘ride-ability’, but everyone will be shocked how much. This tune transforms the bike so much it’s unrecognizable without sacrificing any of the polished feel. No weird burps, backfires, hot start stalls, pulsing idle etc. Its a high quality tune. If you have an android device all you need is the Bluetooth obd2 from Amazon $60, $12 tuneecu software and the tune. It’s a clunky process but anyone can do it. Nothing else provides this much performance for less than $300 all in. Just do it.

    2. YR3113 (verified owner)

      Worth the money for the revised throttle map alone. the Tune ECU software was not hard to figure out, just make sure the battery on the bike is fully charged and hooked up to a trickle charger. The Trident doesn’t have a front head light fuse to pull to save the battery during programing, but it will program just fine with a charger in place. Very happy with the tune. This is by far the best upgrade you can get for the trident!

    3. Aaron Mowbray (verified owner)

      The GPR pipes made her sound better, the DNA performance filter made her breath better and the quick-shifter makes her dance…but this tune has made her NAUGHTY! Seriously, first and second gear are insane now…and the throttle response is instant, zero lag. Additionally, I was running so lean prior that I never got under five pips on the engine temp…now…three pips even on a hot day (and I live in Florida). We’ll see what it does to “miles per gallon” but the “SMILES per gallon” are already worth the price!

    4. Cory B. (verified owner)

      The DIY option was excellent. It worked perfectly. Very easy to put it in–only took 14 minutes to install.

    5. Ke M. (verified owner)

      Very nice produce,and you’ll fell different after used this.
      It’s just like you bike awake up.

    6. 又铭 (verified owner)


    7. Philip Jr. H. (verified owner)

      It’s my 2nd time to order and I was pleased with its noticeable difference. Grea job 👌

    8. Robert D. (verified owner)

    9. Dak Jones (verified owner)

      Absolutely a game changer! Love the way my Trident feels after the tune. Had a few questions for DNK before making the purchase and they were quick to respond and very helpful and professional. 100% recommend.

    10. James M. (verified owner)

      This process was as easy as all the YouTube videos promised. The increased performance of the bike was as awesome as was promised too! My Trident 660 has went from a good/quick bike to a beast (relative to stock). 1st and 2nd gear are powerful now and shifting gears is smoother – especially at the lower gears which were really jerky before. I am completely satisfied with this tune and feel the full power of the stock engine, akrapovic exhaust and DNA air filter.

    11. Paul Duckworth (verified owner)

    12. Wolfgang Giesz (verified owner)

      Just installed the tune today. Works perfect and easy as mentioned in the Video.
      First ride was amazing, feels like a new bike for 250 bugs.
      Highly recommended!

    13. Wolfgang (verified owner)

      Great tune, the bike run so mich better! Gear shifting is smoother (esp. With QS). Best Investment for the Trident.

    14. Ali Nikou (verified owner)

      Definitely delivered on the promise of sprucing up the first two gears as well as the general response and immediacy of the throttle.
      Much sharper throttle response and the get up on acceleration is noticeable.
      Small price if you want a punchier bike. Obviously the gas consumption has gone up but I imagine some of this has to do with how fun it is to twist that thing as spool it up.

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