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Triumph Thruxton 1200

Triumph Thruxton 1200

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Engine tuning file for Triumph Thruxton 1200 [Standard / R / RS / TFC].

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    Engine tuning file for Triumph Thruxton 1200 [Standard / R / RS / TFC].

    NOTE: If sending in ECU to DNK TuneWorks from outside the US, contact us for shipping logistics.

    DNK TuneWorks tunes are the result of hours of testing and development in conjunction with customers and Triumph enthusiasts and technicians to ensure the best and safest tune for modern air- and water-cooled engines from 2000 onward.

    Our tunes include:

    • Removal of top-speed limiter on all models
    • Increased redline specific to each model
    • Optimization of AFR on full throttle
    • Optimization of timing under full throttle
    • Greatly reduced deceleration popping entirely in all modes
    • Optimization of fueling based on Power Commander Maps and Dyno Testing
    • Recurved throttle mapping and rider modes for a more engaging experience
    • Optimized AFR in cruise and low throttle for driveability (no more stalling or snatch ever again)
    • Enable/Disable Secondary Air Injection
    • Enable/Disable O2 Sensors
    • No more cold start/stalling issues
    • Remove power/throttle limiters on certain models
    • Speedometer correction on certain models
    • Enable Cruise Control on models with optional Cruise Control

    Additional information

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    Water Cooled

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    High Power



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    Cruise Control Capable


    6 reviews for Triumph Thruxton 1200

    1. Mark Myers (verified owner)

      I did a digital file order for my Thruxton RS 2022 model (USA). This has the Euro V emission systems, etc. I have slip-ons, decat, panel filter, AIS delete on it. Prior to the tune is was losing more and more power with each mod as expected; especially the decat). Very lean and very loud on startup. Decel popping was also getting disturbingly loud; not amusing any more like when I first just had slip-ons on the bike.
      After dropping the tune in according to their YT video instructions with my OBDLink LX and Tune ECU software, the bike was immediately better on startup, power and throttle response, etc. I am very happy with it. Full disclosure my bike is still moving up through the break-in stages so I haven’t done full throttle redline runs yet.
      Despite what misinfo on forums tells you, the bike isn’t going to tune itself by idling for an extended period of time. It does help with fuel trims at idle and very low load, but that isn’t relevant at mid throttle and/or mid rpms and above where the bike is completely oblivious to any mods you’ve made. It is a speed density EFI system. Obviously, you should get it to idle-trim itself after the tune anyways (as DNK instructions tell you to).
      Decel popping is still there after the tune, of course. This is caused by the reintroduction of the Air Injection System for EuroV and factory ECU tuning can’t remove something like that. DNK knows their stuff; they pointed out additional mods including that one that I was unfamiliar with, so I installed the Smart Moto PLE-132 Air Injection System delete kit which took ~25 minutes and removed 85% of the decel popping. I have yet to install the Evap delete kit they also sell, but that’s mostly just for cleaning the bike aesthetics.
      Bottom line, be sure to get the Tune ECU software license, OBDLink LX, MX or MX+ and a battery tender for the bike while doing the reflash. Over a decade ago I was a professional forced induction EFI tuner myself with experience from cheap piggybacks to full blown standalone ECM with DIY wiring harnesses, so I know plenty to get myself on the right track and find a specialist that knows what they’re doing with Triumphs. DNK TuneWork is exactly that. Thanks again!

    2. Adam M. (verified owner)

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. The team at DNK was amazingly helpful in helping me transform my Thruxton RS. I highly recommend them. My great experience started with the expert guidance I received on the proper kits and proper exhaust to install prior to the ECU remap. When it was time for the remap, the team had my ECU remapped and back on its way to me the same day they received it. Within hours actually, like before lunch the day they received it. My RS has been completely transformed. I am so thankful for the great guidance and great work by this team. Danielle, sincerely, thank you so much. My setup is way better now because you took the time to work with me on this. Thanks for caring. Adam M.

    3. Gregory Cook (verified owner)

      I’m very happy with the results of my ECU flash. Crisper throttle response. And with harder, smoother pulls on acceleration. The bike just seems to be happier overall since getting this flash.

    4. Adam Moseley (verified owner)

      This is the second time I have worked with DNK on a tune for my RS. They were and continue to be excellent to work with. They are very helpful and consultative. They are also very responsive and quick in their turn around. This time I opted for a digital file. I followed their instructions, had all the right technology here, and loaded the map. It worked beautifully. Thank you DNK. Your entire team is incredible. I appreciate all you have done in helping me build my bike. It has your influence all over it. And it runs like a champ. Thank you!

    5. Jiaming Tang (verified owner)

      Thanks DNK tuneworks team,it really works。A custom from Shanghai China。You gays help my Thruxton RS to another level。

    6. Steve Tomme (verified owner)

      Maybe a little instruction on how to move the file to tune ecu but otherwise took me 4 minutes to flash. Bike runs great with the mods. I would recommend your product to anyone that changes their own configuration. Thank you

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